Past Projects

NYC Art Fundraiser

Stand for Land organized its first Art show fundraiser in New York City that targeted dual residents, weekenders, and New York based environmentalists. Money raised at this event was directed to education and outreach activities that further the goals of the ECC and the adoption of the Open Space plan, (MNHP). It was also spent on the following educational resources and activities.

Heritage Plan Brochure

Stand for Land produced a pamphlet on the MNHP in 2007 (click for document/hyperlink).

Library and Teen Center

It supported a unique collaborative project with the Stone Ridge Library and the Teen Center, targeting parents, children and youth. 100 Marbletown High School Students (public and private) discussed in class environmental issues concerning Marbletown, then wrote reflections and created collages of their vision of the future of Marbletown. An exhibit and round Table discussion took place on October 22, 2006 at the community center, entitled Main Street in 20 years. Building on the success of this event, Stand For Land printed, sold and distributed over 500 note cards using the students’ collages and statements thereby keeping the unique perspective of students alive and part of the discourse.

Green Design Solution

Stand for Land financially supported an educational campaign with the Marbletown Environmental Conservation Commission to organize several green builder’s presentations that involved an exhibition of student submissions and selection of the best green design solutions for a designated project, in this case the renovation of the school building.